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Winter hair dreamzzzz! 💕

Hey beauties!! I am excited that the holiday ❄️ season is sooooo close! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to put on my stretchy pants and eat some pie 🥧 with my man while watching really, really bad holiday movies. 🎥

If you want to get in for an appointment before thanksgiving (‼️yes I have a couple of times left‼️) or Christmas 🎄 and NYE 🎉 please book ASAP! I will do my best as always to accommodate everyone but think 🤔 about booking soon for a time and day that is best for you. 😉

I can’t wait to see you soon, babe! Text me and let’s get together (405)595-8390 😘
How would you describe your hair color with emojis? 🍁 🍂 ☕️ 🍫

This color is making me feel COZY in this amazing cool fall weather. Appointments are filling up around the holidays so make yours soon to get a time that works well for you!
See the light through the shadows ✨

This usually platinum beauty wanted a change for winter, so we went with a softer, shadowy, lower maintenance blonde. This will transition beautifully while growing out while still giving her the option to shift back to brighter later! 💕🤍
Smokey violets, blissful blues 👽🧞‍♂️💫

Text my salon line mermaids and aliens, I’m ready for ya!
Change is in the air! This babe was ready to go a little lighter and let go of some length, and I think it looks amazing on her! 😍😍

Text 405-595-8390 for your fall appointment today. 📲 😘
Oh. My. Bronze.

Bright natural lights really bring out dimensional colors and texture in this gorgeous 😍 hair.
The bravest, most confident, and beautiful women are bold enough to go full color in a blonde and brown world. 🌌🎆
Let the world outside inspire you.

Let’s do a head count 🙋🏼‍♀️. If you have a job that lets you rock vivids 🌈 tell me where!
So often I have people telling me they wish they could do these amazing colors but their job would never let them.
You guys- it’s 2020! I have so many clients loving these colors from nurses, teachers, therapists, retail employees and now truck drivers!
I know not everyone is quite there yet, but if you feel like having a little color in your hair isn’t it worth asking? If not there’s always peekaboos! 😜
BABE- let’s talk about your hair goals! 🙌🏼
Do you want to be platinum? Do you want to see dimension? Do you want a honey color or a cool color?
Let’s work together to find your blonde dreams! There is no one blonde fits all when you’re in my chair! 💕
Brunette babes where you at? 😎 Summer is finally here and while I love my blondes, there is NO rule book that says you have to go lighter for summer! 🏖 Let’s talk about that! You can have rich shiny chocolate 🍫 locks anytime.
Sometimes dimension is what you need to spice up a HOT 🔥 cut and color.
I know it’s summer ☀️ and my blonde babes 💁🏼‍♀️are going hard, but a brunette with fire is always in season too! ❤️
Let’s get creative together, babes! What’s your color dream? 🌈
Peyton Yager This woman was at the front of my salon suites taking down precautionary signs. Please beauties, be knowledgeable that our business is a hands on “touch” business. I understand everyone has an opinion on this matter, but at this point it is a mandate for our type of hands on business. This kind of behavior on private property is uncalled for and honestly makes me sad. The woman who posted the initial video and continues to post says she is advocating for us as salon owners to be able to open- guess what? We’re open! I don’t need her to speak for me, and I thank every single one of my guests that has come into my business for being cautious and understanding while we navigate this together- you are the real MVPs! COVID-19 MASK SIGN STRIPPED OFF SALON DOOR: A metro woman leaving her hair appointment recorded herself ripping down a COVID-19 protocol sign. She says it's unconstitutional to be told to wear a mask AND for the stylists to be forced to wear one on the job.

The salon caught in the middle of all of it... telling me they're happy to follow city protocol and will continue to do so.

Hey babes! I think* I have reached out to and reschedule all of my clients 💁🏼‍♀️from the 6 weeks we were mandated to close. If I HAVENT and you need an appointment please text 🖊 the salon line at 405-595-8390 and I will make you a priority to get in ASAP. Since all prescheduled appointments have been booked I am also booking new appointments starting tomorrow. 💋

In related news we have been back to work for 3 weeks now and things are going super smoothly. I am so relieved to be back in the studio servicing you and feeding my creative soul in a safe way for both of us. If you have any questions about the safety measures 🧼 we are taking mentioned in previous posts- please also reach out!

I’m going to leave this gorgeous red velvet 🍷🍫color from this week here for you to enjoy. I hope everyone is being safe and responsible and above all else POSITIVE during this time! ☺️

So much love and see you soon! 💕
Balayage = Love
The best part of this color? It will grow out flawlessly and won’t have to be touched up for 3-4 months!
Looking for a low maintenance blonde? I’ve got you covered.
You guys. It is so good to be back behind the chair. Last week was amazing and I really feel the love from all of my clients!💕
With new restrictions I am going to have to make more time to snap pics, but I was lucky enough to have a moment to snap 📸 this beautiful cotton candy 🍬 dream!
Bookings 🖊 are filling in quickly so contact me soon if you’d like an appointment! I can’t wait to see everyone this week. 🥰
This is how we do it! 💯 So grateful for all of the beautiful upper faces I got to see today and ability to help people feel better, more normal and even connect during this time. Regardless of taking extra time to sanitize and so many extra precautions, just seeing my guests happy with their mirror images, mask and all, is enough to make it worth it and make me joyous today. See you all tomorrow! 💕
Happy Hairstylist appreciation day out there to all my hair besties getting ready to slay tomorrow, or still at home working on their business and preparing for the future. I love you all, we are an amazing industry! 💕
Living for Alterna’s Anti Aging 3 in 1 bond restructuring sealing serum! Have questions about product? Don’t know what’s right for you?? Reach out, Love! Let’s chat!

My beautiful dames and dudes- I am so happy we will be able to see each other again soon! As per our Mayor in Oklahoma City we should* be able to open our doors on May 1. Some new guidelines will be put in place and I will be continuing some practices I had put in place before the mandatory shut down. Please bear with me as I outline them for you.

❤️ I am ordered to wear a mask at all times while providing services and I encourage my guest to please do the same. If you do not have a mask available I can provide one for you, but if you have one please bring it to conserve the stock we have.

❤️ I ask that every guest please wait in their car or outside until I text you! Y’all know I always run on time, but as I am cleaning and disinfecting between each client I want to limit the number of people that may be in any area at one time.

❤️ I am continuing to only service one guest at a time. Do not bring anyone with you that is not receiving a service.

❤️At this time I am not allowed to serve snacks or drinks. (Sorry I love being able to provide this for you guys!)

❤️I am cleaning with an EPA approved disinfectant and virucide that I have been educated and certified in between every guest, as well as providing alcohol spray and hand sanitizer.

❤️ I have disposable capes available at this time in the event I have more guests in a day than laundered capes- I’m trying to get you ALL in ASAP!

❤️ Please reschedule if you have symptoms or have been around anyone who has been sick or suspect you may have been exposed to any illness.

💕Please help us as we continue to do everything possible to keep ourselves and our guest well. I have missed you all so much and can’t wait to see everyone beginning May 1. Please text 405-595-8390 now for booking availability, and be patient while I work everyone in.💕.
[04/13/20]   Had a little quarantine fun with my Alterna family with this #dontrushchallenge 💜 Anyone else finding interesting things to do with your free time? ⏰ Hope you guys enjoy as much as we enjoyed making it- there should be a blooper reel 😂
Friends, from the bottom of my ❤️ please think twice before you do something crazy 😜 with your hair. The stuff in these boxes is NOT 🛑 what I use in the salon and in some cases can seriously damage your hair. 😬 I know your hair is important to you (news flash: me too!!!) so if you’re feeling stuck in a corner please please please reach out to me. 😃 There are totally a few other options that won’t land you needing color corrections or repairing treatments at the end of this all! 💕💕💕 Be safe!
All in it together! Easy long bang hack until we meet again. 💕💕
This weeks product shipment 📦 will be tomorrow! If you need anything please let me know and I can send an invoice to your email and get your goods on the way. 💜 I am working on setting up a square store to make browsing easier, but I know most of you ladies know what you need 😉. If you DONT know what you need, let’s chat! You can also text or call in your order 405-595-8390. 😘
Today is the three year anniversary of me opening my suite salon after 14 years of being a stylist. 🎉

I didn’t think I’d be celebrating with my mannequin, but here we are- I got to create a really fun color and try out a new technique I’ve been dreaming up in my head! 🎨

I hope everyone is staying healthy and sane and I can’t wait to see you all soon, thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me and my craft over the years. 💕

If you need anything at all please reach out!! ☺️
😔Beauties, it is so hard to find words for what is happening in the world right now. You probably already know we have been mandated to close until April 15th at this point.

My heart hurts.💔 For you, for our small businesses everywhere, for my friends and family.

If you have upcoming appointments I will be in touch with you the week of to talk rescheduling options. Thank you all so much for your continued support of the salon, you all mean the world 🌎 to me especially in this trying time. Everyone who has reached out in any way has been a light for me to focus on.

Please call or text if you have any questions, just want to chat, or feel like you might do something crazy 😜 with your hair.

For now, I will use this time to work in the salon creating new techniques and getting inspired, continuing my education so when we are back up we can hit it hard and have some serious fun! 😍

We will need each other when this is all over, and I can’t wait to make you feel beautiful again soon. 405-595-8390. Stay safe 💜

Hey beautiful clients! 💁🏼‍♀️With the threat of covid-19 😷 I want to take a moment to talk about the measures we are taking at HAIRCRAFT to ensure everyones health and safety. We ask that you please text us (405)595-8390 if you are feeling unwell and need to reschedule. I will promise to do the same for you if I am feeling unwell! 😁

Currently we will continue operating as scheduled. In addition to daily salon cleaning we will be

•sanitizing chairs and shampoo bowls between every client.💯

•I have a lot of guests that help themselves to coffee, tea, hot chocolate etc. I ask that during this time you relax and allow me to make your drink of choice to keep from having multiple hands on the coffee maker/fridge etc. That’s part of what I’m here for! 💚

•Only single serving snacks will be served, but yes there are snacks. I don’t want you starved! 🧁

•Freshly laundered client capes for each client every single day regardless of service.

•Full salon sanitation at the beginning of each business day including floors and mirrors. 🧼

Thank you so much for being a part of my business and allowing me to serve you. I am fortunate to work in a suite setting with no one inside my suite that is not being serviced. I hope to continue to provide you with beautiful hair the healthy way as we move through this together.

Peace, love, and good hair!
Penny Farrell
There is NOTHING better than a cool and demensional blonde boss babe! 💯💯💯 What is your ultimate hair goal?

Now booking all spring appointments- reach out to 405-595-8390 to book!
💫Hairdresser Magic 💫

Booking appointments into spring now! Text the salon at 405-595-8390 for booking! 😍
This babe was ready to give her hair LIFE so we added in some playful reds keeping her natural base! 🍒
This color will grow out softly and naturally and she can choose to either touch it up or let it grow out perfectly.

If you’re ready to get a little spicy with your color, let’s do this! 🔥
Let me get a hell yeah! 😍 Beautiful color and cut enhanced using Alterna Haircare Working Hairspray for memory and texture and Alterna Haircare Color Hold Top Coat for shine! ✨ Come find out what we’d prescribe for your hair needs! 💞
Hello, Gorgeous. ✨
Are you dreaming of low maintenance blonde?💁🏼‍♀️ You know the kind where your hair always looks amazing, it holds a wave like a dream, there isn’t any breakage and you aren’t stuck coming in to the salon every 4-6 weeks?
We’re dreaming the same dream and I want that for you too!

I keep most of my blondes booked every 8-10 weeks and apply color in a way that grows out naturally.
I want all of my guests to be happy about their hair even between services. Make your appointment today! 405-595-8390 😘
Princess Peach 🍑
Created some fire last week in the salon, what do you think?!? Have you ever done anything out of the box with your hair? I love being creative with my clients. 🔥😍💥

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