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[10/29/20]   Well I have power at home now, so if we can just get the shop up and running that would be great!
[10/29/20]   I currently have no power at the shop or at home, I’ll let everyone know as soon as I’m open again!!! Stay safe!
Rusty Razor Barber & Style
[10/18/20]   Now Hiring!
We are looking for a self motivated, dependable barber to add to our team!
We have a great walk-in clientele!
Great hourly pay or commission!
[10/05/20]   We are open for walk-ins on Monday’s !!! Come see us !
Or call 405-409-1300 for an appointment!
Thank you to all who have continued to show up through all this! It means the world to me, without you I could not stay in business!
[09/15/20]   I feel like we are all living in uncertain times, I hope that I am a light in the darkness! I pray daily that I can help someone see the light !!! I know that Jesus Christ, NOT religion, is the answer!!. To those of you that have had bad experiences/ severe trauma, just know Jesus loves you more than you can ever comprehend! I i will be here anytime you need to talk ♥️
Kimberly & I are working today til 6!!! Come see us
Rusty Razor Barber & Style
Rusty Razor Barber & Style
Rachel Hatfield I have some open appointment times today if anyone needs a haircut!

Rachel Hatfield has invited you to book your next appointment on their booking site.

[07/05/20]   I hope you all had a great Independence Day with your loved ones !!!!!!! ♥️ you all for your loyalty to your country and your Barbers ! 🇺🇸
[04/23/20]   Good news everyone! We will finally be open again the first week of May! We are currently taking appointments for that week, we will not be taking any walkins per the guidelines! So please call us and book a time! Also per the guides line everyone is required to wear a mask during their appointment! We aren’t allowed to have anyone waiting in the front so please stay in your vehicle until we wave you in 😊.
Thank you all so much! Can’t wait to see everyone! Love you all!

Rachel @ 405-777-3279
Shanna @ 405-623-5586
RoseAnn @ 580-504-6510
It’s gonna be over soon ♥️

Missing all you guys ! Hope all is well with you !!!! Hopefully we will be back sooner than later ! Much ♥️

[03/17/20]   When the dust settles remember this and drill it into your head!!!

Small businesses could suffer big time in the wake of COVID19. One bad month can shatter a business forever.

Go out to eat (no chains!). Get your hair done. Buy your pet’s food from an independent store instead of Petsmart. Grab coffee from an independent coffee shop instead of Starbucks. Choose a small business as often as you can.

Target & Walmart will survive. Sephora & Ulta will survive. Dillards & Macys will survive! Olive Garden & Chili’s will survive. Take your money to people who truly need it to survive. Small business owners!

Shop small, shop independent, and keep the economy going!

*this was copied and I'm not sure the who the original post was from as it was on my timeline more than once. Mad props to the original writer though.
[02/15/20]   Happy Valentine’s Day !!!
To all our incredibly awesome clients!
Thanks for your never ending love and support ♥️
Love you all! Beard or not 😍!!
[01/04/20]   Here we are at the beginning of another year!!! I cannot express enough how grateful I am to all the amazing clients who have kept us in business for close to 8 years! You people are amazing and we love you! So many relationships/Friendships have been made! Thank you ALL! And many blessings and a Happy New Year!
[12/12/19]   Merry Christmas!!
To all our amazing clients who keep us going from year to year ! We love you All !
[11/07/19]   Come see us for your holiday cut, shave or beard trim! Call for a appointment!
[11/04/19]   Book your appointment now for the holidays!
Thankfully, You all have us to help you manage it 😊
[05/24/19]   We will be open this Memorial weekend, Friday 9-6 and Saturday 9-2!!! Come see us !
[04/17/19]   My daughter Brianna is collecting canned food and ramen noodles for the Central Pantry which is a food bank on the UCO campus for college students to use while they are away at school. All canned food and ramen is accepted, and will help her win a competition! She has to have the cans by April 24th, and all cans can be brought to the shop! She would appreciate any help that people can give in collecting these food items!
You can drop any donations off at The Rusty Razor Barber & Style Monday-Friday from 10am - 6pm!!!!! Thank you in advance ❤️

[01/09/19]   Do your adorable kiddos need haircuts? Rusty Razor offers kid’s cuts at a affordable price!!!! Call for a appointment!
[12/04/18]   The year is winding down, only 22 days till Christmas, stop in, say hi and get your haircut or beard trimmed and look great for your family!! We love you all and appreciate your loyalty!
Rusty Razor Barber & Style
Rusty Razor Barber & Style

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