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Oh well 😔
A brand new bottle of BILOAGE color care RAW ACIDIC MILK RINSE fell off the shelf and broke the lid. I’ll sell for $12 come get it. Otherwise I’m taking it home. #dangit
It’s the littlest tools at work that make my day. Thanks to C-19 I’ve been waiting for months.
[11/06/20]   I will be closed the rest of the day. the salon has no water due to water break at the city.
[11/04/20]   Walk in Wednesday hours today are 9-10:30 4-6
Thank you
[11/03/20]   Casey, Nikka, Sonny, & Justin. Won Halloween drawing.
Hell ya.
[10/28/20]   Walk in Wednesday. 9-5
All school athletes boys and girls are $10 today.
Closed for lunch 11-12.
[10/27/20]   Due to inclement weather I will not be opening the salon today.
Friday and Saturday
[10/01/20]   if you don’t know my dog then you wont understand this picture.
Please no more picking of the garden! The 4-H kids will be harvesting the seeds of the plants left in the garden . We will be handing out seed next year.
Huskie pride !! Vada got her orange turned to Neon Orange for 2020 Homecoming!!
Please make sure you have all of your Holiday appointments booked early.
Fall 2020 the reds are here * Auburn Smolder... by @constancerobbins

* The More You Know 🌈🌈🌈 ...
"Is it possible to have a low maintenance red?" EDITION ⤵️
I’m giving away 7 items as appreciation to all my clients that have stuck with me though 2020. You will have a chance to win if you’ve had an appointment anytime this year til October 31st. 
[09/23/20]   It’s give away time!
BehindTheChair.com 🍑 THE PEACH REFRESH ... by @_litvinova_julia
Give your hair some attitude with the excellent FRAMAR herbal wrap Treatment. Or specialized hot oil color wrap. This service is available for appointment only.

[09/10/20]   Friday September 11th from 4- 6pm walk-ins.
Haircuts only.
BehindTheChair.com "IMPRINTING" - by @sonnabrado

(WATCH SONNA'S CHANNEL CUTTING QUICKIE TOO! https://behindthechair.com/articles/well-this-looks-interesting-channel-cutting-technique-for-thick-hair/ )

If you want to create maximum texture in a short pixie cut try this technique I call “Imprinting”... yes it is aggressive 😂 but sometimes you just need to be!💗👍

1. Comb the hair flat
2. Start in the crown area and place your scissors at a 45* angle to the hair
3. Cut small sections of hair on the surface
4. Work in a brick layer pattern alternating the direction of the cuts

The deeper the cuts, the more definition and separation you will see.. if the hair is thinner just reduce the angle of the scissors and don’t cut as deep👍👍

I used this technique all the time in the 90’s when we did lots of the “Caesar “ cuts😉💗
What do you think, would you try it?
Photos from Sweeney's Salon's post
Photos from Sweeney's Salon's post

BehindTheChair.com * CANCELING #2020 - If ya'll need us we'll be in the #90's 😛😜 by @charmayne_edwardsandco 💋💗
[08/11/20]   You must have an appointment to enter the salon. Masks are required.
Walk in Wednesday cancelled today. Stay safe, Stay healthy, God bless.

[07/22/20]   Sorry for the inconvenience I am closed for the rest of the day due to equipment repair thank you I will see you next Wednesday

Good morning coach. It’s been every 2 weeks for the last 10 years that I have enjoyed you and your stories. Your laughter your kind words and all the encouragement you gave me. I’m blessed that I had a friend like you. I saved every golden dollar you gave me every visit. This week will be the first time u ever missed an appointment. RIP

Fun with summer reds #matrix
Independence, you better remember what it means💥🌏🌈🥩🍟🍭🎸🗽💈📫 * American Woman 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 ... by @paintitblonde
Sometimes she’s a sparkler, other times she’s a firework. 💥
But no matter what, she always shines 🌟

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