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HairStyle Arti Soooo satisfying! @georgesklipp
It’s time for change!
CHRISTMAS orders are being placed ! #loma, #sandspringsok, #SandSprimgsHairstylist

5 WEEKS !!

Do you have your reservation book?

THROWBACK Thursday!! Post your favorite throwbacks!


[11/04/20]   7 WEEKS Until CHRISTMAS!!

Who doesn’t have their hair appointments booked!!??

It’s that time of the year again!

🕰🕰Time to make a ‘testimonial video ‘with your freshly done hair and give your biggest, cheesiest smile! 🕰🕰

We will be voting on
🔥🔥 creative
🔥🔥 originality
🔥🔥 use of Salon’s Logo!

👉🏼👉🏼🏆 Winners will be showered with love and kindness...along with a full years worth FREE Haircuts and a chance to WIN... THE GOLDEN TICKET‼️ 🏆👈🏼👈🏼
What is your favorite fall hair color?
Appointments available!

Wednesday, Oct 21!

Thursday, October 22nd


Friday, October 23rd
Good evening guests of the most amazing place to get your hair care !!
Joni’s will be closed this weekend. Looking forward to seeing you first thing Tuesday morning!!
Please take a moment and check out StyleSeat and book your next appointment!!
Have a blessed weekend!
Blonde? Want to freshen up for fall ya’ll?

What is your favorite pop of color do you like to add to your blonde?

[08/14/20]   I have a question for our guests at the salon.

It has been brought to my attention; clients who are using their credit cards to book appointments with me via StyleSeat are being charged a $1 booking fee.
This fee used to drop off when the appointment was completed.
However, it’s no longer dropping off.

**Would you Please check your bank statements.?**

I WILL be changing my booking app. I already pay $30 a month plus a 2.95% fee for ever appointment, granted I can write off a lot of this fee however I draw a line when my guests are being charged a fee on top of what I already pay.
I do appreciate your business and I am serious about giving my guests a good service for a reasonable price.
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My special ministry... Reading for Ms. Joni... I will cherish these moments!

#reading, #ThinkRight,
Before....and After.
Trust the PROCESS...
Joni's on the Triangle, Hair Salon's cover photo
Joni's on the Triangle, Hair Salon's cover photo
Joni's on the Triangle, Hair Salon's cover photo
[06/19/20]   Friends, Family and Treasured Guests ... Joni’s will be closed tomorrow. Thank you for your support and business! Have a blessed weekend!
Will return Tuesday, June 23 @ 10:00a.m.
Joni did another amazing job.
[05/10/20]   Goood morning Facebook Friends, Family and Guests!

🐞🌻HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all my mommy’s and soon to be mommies! 🌼🐞

As we all know, this has been a trying time for all of us. We all are in need of some good old fashioned human connection! I don’t know about you but I am ready for you to be back in my chair on a more regular basis at the salon!
I have been working diligently to get everyone booked for haircare reservation and I’m stinking excited to see you!! Thank you for your patience and understanding; it means so much to me.
As a micro small business it is so important to me to make sure each and ever guest is are taken care of in our special Joni’s way. If you haven’t heard from me please feel free to reach out and sent me a text message...I will take your appointments seriously and I will do everything within my power to get you booked ASAP.
[04/23/20]   Joni's will not be opening this Friday April 24th. We are waiting Oklahoma State Board of Cosmology to advise us in the safest way to start accepting guests. We will have strict sanitation and rules to protect our guests, our salon family and our community. Thank you guys so much for your patience and support. We are excited to see you!!!💕💕💕

#SandSpringsSalons, #SandSprings, #SandSpringsSalonsBandingTogetherToKeepOurCommunitySafe
[04/20/20]   Guests of Joni’s on the Triangle, Hair Salon: EDITED 4/20/2020

I am hoping for a return as possible. We are being told May 6th for a soft opening {***THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE***}
...However, I feel strongly that I need to post this.
When we DO return, please be aware, that this virus is not gone and still very much alive.

My first week back, I do not know as of yet how many days a week I will be working to get caught back up so please be understanding; ***THOSE WHOSE APPOINTMENT WERE CANCELED “FIRST” ...WILL BE ...FIRST IN LINE...FOR THEIR APPOINTMENT***. I am finding this will be the only way to be fair about rebooking appointments. I will NOT be taking any ‘walk-Ins, call-Ins, text messages’ in order to prevent from over extending my schedule. I will do everything I can to do to accommodate as many as I can but, this may take a bit of time to get things worked a normal pace.

**I’m not quite sure what the Oklahoma State Board of Cosmology will require us in the industry to use to keep use everyone safe and healthy. So until I know more about STATE BOARD RULES...please know this message is to inform everyone, we WILL have to follow strict rules, this will not be just suggestions, I will follow them to a T. ***

I highly encourage masks be worn for not only your safety, but mine. When you are leaning back in the shampoo bowl, we are but a few inches from each other face to face. I will be doing my part with extreme sanitation and I will be wearing a mask myself to limit some exposure. I will be washing my hands often, wearing gloves that will be tossed after every client and as needed, and staying home in a case that I may not feel well.

Right now, it’s extremely important to think of others in that room with you. For your safety please, bring your thermometer from home so your temperature can be checked before any services are started. ‘No temperature check’. ..NO service rendered.
**If you have the slightest cough, any form of a runny nose, a sore throat, or ANY visible symptoms all the way down to ....allergies of any kind...Please, STAY HOME. **
I will feel horrible if I have to send you on your way if you choose to come in with a fever or ANY signs of illness. Some may call this overboard, but I am exposed and hands deep into multiple heads daily and the virus can live on your hair strands. All of these people I am working with will go home to expose their children, parents, grandparents, and relatives that may be immunocompromised and I would rather be safe than sorry for both of us.

Uber-sanitation will followed between each client and I am requesting that your appointment is meant for YOU and you alone. When I book your appointment I will have 15 minutes between each guest so please stay in your car until your designated appointment. I WILL MOTION FOR YOU TO COME IN.

Also, Please try not to touch your face, please use the hand sanitizer I will have available for you, and let’s keep Covid19 far from us!

I will do my best to make sure I am doing my part. Please do yours too!
I truly appreciate your understanding and am very thankful for your business.

Feel free to contact me with any questions!
Let the Spring Break haircuts begin!!

Come on in and see what's new!!
Joni's on the Triangle, Hair Salon's cover photo
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