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[04/11/18]   Some of you may have already heard but I’m excited to announce that I will be moving to a different location the 1st of May! I’m going to be joining the girls at Your Place in South Coffeyville. 411 Willow St. I can’t think you all enough for supporting me when I took over the shop 2 1/2 years ago but this change is going to be good for me and something I’m really looking forward to! Thank you all for the support and understanding! Everyone has already been so supportive! I love all my clients and the support they give me! So thank You again!
Took this beautiful lady blonde today! Of course I forgot to get a before picture! So I stole one from her FB! Isn't she stunning! Melissa Billups Lelacheur Alissa Le La Cheur
[07/11/17]   I'm completely booked up this week! And next week is starting to fill up fast. Thank you all for a busy summer!
[03/28/17]   Just a heads up. If any of my clients are needing a color done in the evening I'm booking out a couple weeks right now. Evening spots are limited. Also if you need to cancel I need at least a 1 hour notice. I have people waiting and wanting spots so please tell me in advance that you're needing to cancel! That gives me time to get ahold of someone else that is wanting in. Also if your 15mins late or more your taking the chance of walking in and having to reschedule. If the late notice cancellations and showing up late becomes a reoccurring problem a deposit will be asked of you before your next appointment! Thanks!
[09/26/16]   Ok everyone somehow I had not been getting notifications when someone was sending me a messenger request. I had messages from 2014 that I had no idea about! They showed up when I updated my app which I do regularly so I don't know how this happened. If you do not get ahold of me on messenger please call 918-255-6768 or 918-467-0147
[05/31/16]   The shop will be closed tomorrow. I have a few openings for haircuts Thursday and Friday. I will also be closed this Saturday. So if your needing in let me know! Thank you!
[05/24/16]   If your wanting a haircut this week I only have a couple spots left. Otherwise I'm booking into next week! Thanks!
[03/24/16]   Shop is closed tomorrow. Booking appointments for next week! Thank you all! Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!
[03/16/16]   I had some time come open tomorrow afternoon so if your needing in this week let me know otherwise I'm booking into next week. I will be in the shop Tuesday-Thursday next week. Shop will be closed Friday the 25th!
[03/07/16]   OKU Girls if you are wanting an appointment for prom April 16th get with me. Spots will be taken! Thanks!
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[02/25/16]   My evening appointments book up quick so if your thinking you need and evening appointment get with me in advance. Most of the time in booking into the next week! Thank you all!
This handsome little guy got his 1st haircut today! And he did such a good job! It's always so much fun to do their first haircut! Thank you Beth Kuehn and Jerron Kuehn!
[01/10/16]   Booth Rent still available! Contact me for details!
Merry Christmas Eve y'all!!! Thank you for the busy holiday season! I love you all! Enjoy your time with your families!!! πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„
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[12/08/15]   If you are wanting a color before Christmas please get with me! I only have a few spots left on the 19th, 22nd and 23rd. I do not have any other days unless I have some cancellations! Thank you!
[12/01/15]   Ok everyone my book is already starting to fill up before Christmas! Late afternoon and evening appointments go fast so if your thinking you need a color and cut before the holiday please get with me to make your appointment! Spots will go fast! Thank you!
Blame it all on my ROOTS I'm looking for Hairstylist to join me at Blame it all on my ROOTS. Give me a call if interested! Booth Rent!
[11/19/15]   The spots are filled for this week. I have a few spots next week on Tuesday and Wednesday if your needing in before Thanksgiving. Spots are going fast so let me know!
[11/18/15]   I have a few spots left this week for haircuts. I have a 12, 4 & 4:30 tomorrow. And only a few spots open for cuts next week before thanksgiving. So if your wanting in please let me know! Thank you!
[11/11/15]   I have 1 opening left this week. It's Friday @ 4:30 for a cut if anyone is wanting it. Also if anyone is needing in before Thanksgiving please get with me because spots are feeling up quick. Thank you all!!!
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Some awesome clients of mine brought this to me the other day and I absolutely love it! Thank you Miranda, Kim, and Rachel!
Blame it all on my ROOTS
Blame it all on my ROOTS's cover photo
[10/08/15]   I'm completely booked up the rest of the week! I'm booking into next week so get ahold of me if you are wanting in! Thank you all so much for these busy days! I hope everyone has a good weekend!
[10/06/15]   I'm booking up fast this week so if you are needing in please let me know! Thanks!
[10/02/15]   Booked up today and tomorrow! Booking into next week so give me a call! Hope everyone has a good weekend!
[09/11/15]   Don't forget September's Special! $5 off facial waxing! Also I want to give my clients a huge Thank You for all the support! And for keeping me crazy busy the last couple weeks! Thank you all! Hope everyone has a great Weekend!
[09/01/15]   September Special!!! $5 off facial waxing! Make your appointment today!!! 918-255-6768 or 918-467-0137
[08/26/15]   I'm looking for Hairstylist to join me at Blame it all on my ROOTS. Give me a call if interested! Booth Rent!
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